Photography : Angle, blur and sharp


Today I wanna write this entry in English. Now, I was struggling to improve my English languange either writing skills or speaking skills because I know that English languange is very important nowadays. So, this entry wil be a little bit messy with my bad grammar..haha..

I made my own sushi this evening but not with the real ingredients of sushi from Japan (thats why its not really look like a sushi..haha). Then I was thinking, why not I took the pictures of my sushi and put it in my blog. So that I can share the pictures of sushi that I made by myself with all of you.

The pictures of the sushi were taken with Canon Powershot A490. I just set the camera in 'auto' mode. There were some techniques that I used to take nice and beautiful shot of sushi that I made. Actually it was not just a sushi but also some fish balls and mini onigiri..

 1. The angle of the picture of the subject (sushi) was taken at least 45 degree or more instead of taking it  from the upper side of subject.

 2. The image of the subject at the front line was sharp and clear while the back line was blur. This kind of technique can be done by slowly clicking at the snap button (but no to hard) and hold it for a few second until the the image was focus. Then, just click the snap button and its done!

3. Instead of taking the the image of the subject in the middle of picture, why not you put the subject a little bit to the right or to the left. It will look more nice and not to 'skema'.

Ramadhan is closer.. yumyumm! 

actually, the green and the red things that you see on top of the sushi were cherries.. haha

Ok. Thats all for today. Have a nice day!


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